Our Responsibility

Sustainanble Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

We pursue innovations that enable social contributions.

Prestige Biopharma commits to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, prioritizing the safety and health of employees and patients. We engage in key activities that include global R&D efforts and ensuring market access for pharmaceuticals. We embrace and respect diversity among individuals involved in these endeavors. Additionally, we are committed to taking responsibility for the environment and contributing to the shared goal of carbon neutrality.

Through our core values of “Innovation,” “Agility,” “Efficiency,” and “Difference,” we strive to build the foundation for sustainable corporate social responsibility. We aim to create a workplace environment where all employees and their families, just like the goal of “Feel Home,” respect each other and foster emotional well-being. With these values and objectives, we will foster a harmonious organizational culture and faithfully fulfill our social responsibilities, leading to continuous progress and development.

Environmental Responsibility

Considering Environmental Effects

Workplace campaign for carbon neutrality

Prestige Biopharma is focusing on the development and production of biopharmaceuticals for the vocation of innovation for life. The core of management is the fact that these innovation follow feasible technological growth and at the same time, social responsibility that can contribute. In order to contribute to the global environmental goal of net zero carbon neutrality, we are establishing environmental policies that are subdivided into short, medium, and long term.

We have established energy saving measures in major workplaces and workplaces, established an implementation and evaluation system, and are implementing efforts to reduce carbon consumption in business sites, which can easily be overlooked, in earnest in 2023.

Innovation that can contribute to the environment

We emphasize environmental responsibility and collaborate with key partners to support and monitor the adoption of renewable energy and energy-saving measures in the development and manufacturing processes of biosimilars and biopharmaceuticals. We are researching and considering various methods for coexistence with the environment throughout the entire process, from drug development to production, distribution, and consumption. We are exploring ways to minimize the quantity of samples used for research purposes and reduce waste generated during these processes.

Respect for People

Respects on Diversity & Inclusivity

Respect for diversity through understanding and inclusion

Prestige Biopharma promotes a culture of respecting and embracing diversity. We believe that creativity flourishes when minority opinions and individual uniqueness are valued. We respect various aspects of diversity, such as gender, religion, and age, recognizing the contributions these differences make to our corporate culture. We enhance opportunities for interpersonal connections through events like job exchanges and cultural exchanges with our global campuses, internal sports competitions, celebrations of holidays and seasons, empathy-building events for employees, support for various interest groups, and constructive labor-management dialogues.

Understanding through exchanges between countries, regions and organizations

Prestige Biopharma provides effective communication channels between its major affiliate offices in Singapore, Seoul, Osong, and Busan. To strengthen collaboration among employees engaged in close cooperation across various domestic and international regions, we organize SingKo exchange events between Singapore and South Korea. Moreover, we are expanding technical, academic, and cultural exchanges among different departments within the organization. We support positive understanding and active knowledge exchange among team members, recognizing them as crucial assets for the company’s sustainable future.

Providing barrier-free educational opportunities

Prestige Biopharma offers a diverse range of academic programs that allow employees to foster their expertise anytime and anywhere. Through various forms of educational programs such as retraining initiatives, Bio Academy, job-specific professional courses, and outsourced training, we support employees in their continuous growth as experts. By sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences, we achieve greater synergy and foster socially mature relationships through mutual knowledge and experience exchanges. Moreover, these academic programs are provided through an online library platform, ensuring accessibility to knowledge without constraints of location and time. We strive to remove barriers that hinder access to knowledge, offering equal educational opportunities for all.

Transparent Governance System

Enhancing Trensparency in Management

Expansion of the audit organization for transparency in management

Prestige Biopharma voluntarily establishes and operates an audit committee to ensure the proper functioning of external audits and oversight functions. Moreover, we adhere to more stringent standards than required by law in organizing the audit organization for non-executive directors and other non-executive officers, enhancing our governance transparency. These mechanisms, which improve governance transparency, are crucial systems for shaping the company’s sustainable future. Additionally, we provide transparent information about key management activities and significant changes, seeking periodic and objective assessments.

Ensuring financial soundness and compliance with accounting standards

Prestige Biopharma complies with the External Audit Act to ensure adherence to financial accounting in accordance with the law. By complying with the External Audit Act, we aim to enhance transparency in the company’s financial accounting and build credibility externally. Additionally, we operate a Risk Management organization based on the company’s financial modeling to prepare for current and future financial scenarios in advance.

Enhancing Transparency in Governance

Prestige Biopharma has established guidelines for transparent information disclosure and confidentiality related to Investor Relations (IR) and Public Relations (PR) activities. We continue to adhere to robust policies that align with these guidelines. Moreover, we regularly conduct key training sessions for our employees on IR-related laws and regulations. Our goal is to provide investors with sound and transparent information, fostering mutual trust in the capital market and creating an investment-friendly environment.

Additionally, we actively engage with major institutional investors and retail investors through Non-Deal Roadshows (NDRs) and maintain an IR webpage. Through these efforts, we strive to ensure equitable access to information for all investors, promoting fair and balanced management practices.